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Latin IV - The Judge Report

About Latin IV

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We conclude our Latin review with the Fourth Year song, dealing mostly with Vergil's Aeneid, as envisioned by Sister Anna Roberta, CSJ, of blessed memory, and to the tune of The Martins and the Coys.

In the fourth year Latin is a lovely romance
Of the refugee Aeneas and a Queen
As he's telling her his story she's appalled* by all the glory
And heroic deeds and victories he had seen.

As she listens rapt with joy to the hero man from Troy
She begins to feel the secret pangs of love
Fill her veins with raging fire but she wouldn't be a liar
To the vow to dead Sychaeus up above.

In your scansion you will learn of dac - tyls and/spon - dees
Of elision of a final vowel, or m-m-m-m-m-m-m
Of caesura and of pauses in the poet Vergil's clauses
Of hexameters and how he managed them.

Then you see the theme of "fate" is the one will permeate
All the accidents and destinies of man-
Vergil seems to know that one God is above the mighty sun-god
Watching over all the people in the land.

*of course she wasn't appalled  by all the glory.  This was late Vietnam era revisionism.  As originally written, and I'm sure as Vergil intended, Dido was enthralled  by all the glory and heroic deeds and victories he had seen.

At some future date, if there is a demand, I will republish some of the other songs, old favorites like Lunae Navigabam and Puella Est Trans Oceanum.

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Date:February 26th, 2008 04:31 am (UTC)

More songs!!

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